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FFL Locator

When purchasing a firearm online from out of state please use this FFL Locator to find a dealer that we already have on file to ship your order to. This will expedite the processing and shipping of your order. When you find the one you’d like to use, please contact them and let them know your intent to transfer a gun through their business.

Please use your address in the billing section of your order and your dealers name and address in the shipping section of your order. Make a note in the comments section of your order that says “DEALER IS ON FILE” if it’s one of the dealers that are listed in our locator. If you can’t find a dealer close enough, or the one you want to use is not listed, please place your order first and then have them fax or e-mail over a copy of their FFL with reference to your order number and Last name so we can match them up with no delay. They will then be added to the locator for later use.